Question #3

Q: McLuhan used a model with four elements surrounding the term MEDIUM. Touching on the four elements, describe how this model can help us in interpreting social media.

A:  McLuhan famously said: “the medium is the message.”

So, if social media is our message, how does it enhance our lives and what does it retrieve, reverse or make obsolete?

First, social media enhances our communication tools, gives us more platforms and lets us be a part of more communities.

What does it make obsolete? There is a worry that human communication will becomes less and less. And this has happened. Board meetings have become skype meeting and it’s rare to  get a real letter in the mail.

I think our patience and our ability to read have faded as well. We want everything to be instantaneous and we skim instead of reading in-depth.

The top down communication format that we’ve come to know so well has been reversed. Instead of the people getting information from the top, the top is looking to get information from the people.

We have retrieved our individual voices. We’re all reporters, editors, communicators. The gatekeepers still exist, but we have the ability to get around them on various platforms.



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