Question #4

Q: Who is Jamie Zawinski? How is the role he played & are design principals he helped spread important to you?

A:  Jamie is a former professional American computer programmer responsible for significant contributions to  free software projects like Mozilla.

Zawinski believed that software should have a function and do that function really, really well (kinda like Steamwhistle?) Zawinski also believed in open source programming, sharing and collaborating.

His tailored design principle looked at applications that start off doing one thing really well and then try and grow and in doing this, they lose their expertise and begin to really, really suck.

This design principle is important because there are millions of social media applications out there all trying to be the next big thing. I think Zawinski has the right idea though, each app should focus on their main principle and work hard at that. As PR professionals we need to accept that we can outsource and pick  different social media apps for different reasons.

Zawinski’s collaborative design principle also applies to us as PR professionals. His open source programming for netscape is how we should approach our projects. Our approach to PR needs to be collaborative, we need to be listen to other people and create a conversation. This will be the best way to problem solve and tap into multiple creative sources.

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