Question #5

Q: What kind of conversational patterns can you expect to encounter using social media as a PR professional? What will consumers of your content expect? How can you level these expectations?

A:  Social media has and will continue to change our conversational patterns. Instead of having linear back and forth conversations, there will be a lot more non-linear communication. People can be continuously editing and updating a conversation while it’s happening.




The conversation will be flowing all around us.

Consumers will expect instant feedback because they will be able to access us 24/7 via different applications. It’s a lot easier to twitter your feedback than it is to pick up the phone and talk to a customer service expert. People aren’t as afraid to say what they feel when they’re behind a computer screen.

Don’t believe me? Just search for Pepsi Fail on Twitter.

To keep up and level with this we’re going to have to be on top of our game. We’ll have to use RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook searches. We’ll need to know at all times what our target markets are saying.

Social media is the new thermometer for  gauging the temperature of how we’re doing and what people are saying about us and our companies.



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