Just a little twitter humor to lighten things up first!


Ok, Bonus question:

Who do I think is the most successful PR person in Canada?

That’s a tough question, so I’m going to narrow it down to the past year or so, and not just focus on the use of social media.

I think Lynda Kuhn, Senior Vice-President, Communications & Consumer Affairs, at Maple Leaf Foods Inc. and all of her team deserve some credit.

When the listeriosis  crisis hit, they took an appropriate, classy, well-thought out, serious approach to a horrific issue.

They didn’t try to minimize or brush aside the seriousness of the issue, but they still did their job and salvaged what was left of Maple Leafs reputation. I think PR gets a bad rep for trying to ‘spin’ information and Maple Leaf could have gone this route, but they didn’t. They were as straight up as they could be, admitted their mistake, and reminded the public of the reputation Maple Leaf was known for.

The team has continued to position Maple Leaf as caring about the community. They have continued to respond to consumer concern as well as starting various other initiatives, including a state of the art food innovation centre, the first of its kind in Ontario.


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